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Where is Champions MUSH? 6363

What is Champions MUSH?

Champions MUSH is an online version of the role-playing game Champions, created by "Hero Games"[1]. We are now using the 6th Edition Rules for conflict resolution (combat, contests of skill, etc.).

We are set in the fictional city of Colonial Bay, Virginia, USA. The time is fifty years in the future, the year 2072. Superheroes fly the skies and patrol the city in search of crime to stop and villains to put behind bars. In their spare time, they get to know each other and are able to form teams to combat the villains that plot more havoc each day. We have solo heroes as well as team heroes.

Champions MUSH relies on plots created and run both by the players and the MUSH's GameMasters (GMs). We allow players to play heroes and NPC villains. Each player is allowed three characters maximum.


Characters will be interacting with each other and with the campaign world. Champions MUSH Theme provides the information needed for the latter. Our Theme describes what Colonial Bay City, and the campaign world, is like in the future era of Champions MUSH. What sort of political entities exist, which agencies and organizations characters will encounter, who the important and significant persons in the campaign are, the history of a world fifty years ahead of our own that has been shaped by the presence of superhuman heroes and villains.

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Character Creation

Characters are built on 350 points base and 75 points of complications (for a total of 425 points) using Hero System 6th edition. To begin making a character, you must ask an admin to create a login, and then begin creating your sheet in char gen. After you're ready to submit your sheet, two app staffers will need to review your sheet to make sure it's correct and balanced.

Please be sure to check the 6th Edition House Rules to learn how to balance your character and special rules that apply to the MUSH. If you're unfamiliar with Hero System, there are players who can help you build your hero. You can also get a head start by using one of the starter Sheet Templates to create an easy to play hero while you get used to the system.

In-Character Media

The media search is currently disabled during this transition to the new wiki.

Editing this Wiki

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